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It was a month to serve as schools Re-opened

September 5th, schools resumed for third term. A number of activities and out reaches were done and as SDF, we can gladly say that it was a successful month, as we were able to reach a good number of pupils in different schools and in the villages. We managed to conduct reflection activities, supported the pupils with a number of scholastic material to enable them continue with school, and among others.

  1. Reflection activities with candidates at Kijojolo primary and St. Mary’s Nabinene primary school

As the pupils resumed school from their holiday, it was such a great opportunity for us as SDF to resume our school outreach programs. We were able to have sessions with candidates in these different schools to have career talks, reflect on their future, goals, challenges they face and how they intend to go through them and make it in life. We were also requested to meet and share words of encouragement with them to stay in school, and not lose hope and faith in education. Transition in education is not a commonly talked about topic in most of these communities and so it was important that these children have a chance to hear about the need to transition through the different levels of education and not only stop at primary level as many that have come before them have done.

  1. Organization network building

Under this activity, we were able build and expand our network as an organization as we managed to get a list of contacts of different officers that we could work with to strengthen our work. Among these are the lists of the parish chiefs, all the councilors, health inspector for Bukomero town council, the youth leader for Buganda in Bukomero town council.

3. Parents outreach

In the first week of September when schools re-opened, it was noted that the reporting rates in schools where very poor. This is because during this season, families are farming and most parents would prefer to have their children to dig and support them in the gardens than go to school. Many parents have not appreciated education and some have just not prioritized it. In partnership with the Community Development officer, we where able to meet a number of parents choosing to use whatever opportunity was available and meeting them in the places they are most comfortable in. Many we found in their gardens but we were still able to talk to them about sending children back to school.

4. Donation of the scholastic material, pads and pet coats in different partner schools in Bukomero town council.

The Gender unit donated 24 dozens of books, Vaseline, rulers, pens, sets, pencils, pads and pet coats to SDF to support the girl child in our different partner schools in Bukomero town council. This was for purposes of preparing the candidates for the final exams (PLE), and some of the schools which have so far benefited are as follows;

a). St. Mary’s Nabinene primary school

This school has registered 25 girls as candidates who are sitting for PLE this year. As SDF, we were able support each one of these girls with a pack of pads and a ruler to fully prepare and equip them such that menstruation is not the reason why any of these girls should miss sitting for their final exams.

Besides, this school reported quite a number of pupils who had failed to resume school simply because they did not afford scholastic material like books. SDF managed to support 29 pupils with books, each receiving half a dozen. Among these, 15 were girls while 14 were boys. These pupils were given an opportunity to be in school and they were grateful.

b). Kijojolo primary school

In this school, 6 pupils have registered for PLE, and among these, 2 are girls while the 4 are boys. Among these candidates, each girl child received a pack of pads, Vaseline, a pet coat, pencil, pen, ruler and a geometric set. The boys received a pen, pencil, ruler and Vaseline. All these products are to help the candidates during their primary leaving examination period.

c). Bukomero B village

Furthermore, we also worked hand in hand with the LC1, Bukomero central and managed to reach out to pupils who had not yet school because their parents could not afford books. We managed to support 7 girls and they were able to report back to school for their third term.

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Sneak Preview of Our Month of April

Parenting and Family Care Giving.

Our trained community members in Bukomero with skills in Liquid soap making have formed a group to mobilize themselves and use the acquired skills to financially empower themselves. They made a committee and had their first product out this month. We are empowering Parents and ensuring that they are well equipped to emotionally, financially and physically be able to support and nurture their children towards responsible community players.

Parents during their first liquid soap production

Staff Mentorship and capacity Building sessions

One of our Volunteers attended a two weeks capacity building and mentorship program with Ms Elizabeth Kalemera the Executive Director Anthill Foundation Uganda. Anthill Foundation is a sister Organization that we have worked with in many of our programs like MHM, Violence against children in schools, WASH, Goal setting and girls leadership in schools. They also played a big part in our inception as Ssuubila Development Foundation.

Kevin Nafuna (SDF) with Ms Elizabeth Kalemera the Executive Director Anthill Foundation Uganda

Prevention better than cure is not a cliché statement.

Learners at St Mary’s Nabinene Primary School

Protect adolescents from Early Pregnancy (Including abortions) and other risky behaviors.

Training with the pupils at St. Mary’s Nabinene    Primary school about HIV/AIDS. We looked at the definition of HIV/AIDS, how its transmitted, how one can know that he/she has HIV, risky behaviors which expose one to get HIV, ways through which HIV cannot be transmitted, how one can protect him/herself from HIV infection, importance of taking the test, how to care for the infected persons and where to get HIV related services. It is our duty to protect young people by providing information, support and counselling and guidance services to our young people to help them make informed decisions, and protect them from abuse.

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