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A Helping hand is a supporting hand: And Giving Heart is Humane Heart:

Scholastic Materials

1 Dozen of Exercise books ($5) supports a child through a full School Term: And three Dozens support a year.

The School Feeding program

Just 0.3$ a day support a child from unprevillaged background spend a full day at school without worring of learning empty.

Supporting Programs of SDF

With the right team and the right support, the communities we support are bound to develop as they envision.

50$ for a Full year of Education

For some farmilies in Rural Kiboga District, attaining good quality Education is rather a dream many never attain.

In Community Development

The Holstic Community Involvement and Development program involves having the community supported to be at the center of thier planning for growth.

On Sustainable Development Goals

Almost all goals have an effect on the least represented person, and hence thier involvement and support in learning and involving in thier implementation is well deserved.

Sexual Reproducative Health and Rights

Here, young people learn about thier health and bodies so as to support them grow well: Like Menstral Health Management.

Gender Based Violence

This covers community senstisation meetings, support for affected couples and farmilies plus envolvement of the relevant authorities.

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