About Us

To Know more about Us:

We are an Ugandan Non Governmental Organization that supports Community Development.

Our Mission

A Community Empowered is a community where its children have the best community to call home.

Our Vission

Empowered Communities for National Development

Our Values

  • Foundation
  • Relationships
  • Effectiveness
  • Transparency and Integrity

Our Love for Supporting the communities we care about has been farway before we established SSuubila Development Foundation.

1k Programs
2k Volunteers
5k Children
10 Events Involved in

What Our Core Values mean to Us

At SSuubila Development Foundation, we belive that the communities we work with are the communities that mean to us most, and hence we base our engagements with values that benefit us all.

With Communities we Engage

All the Programs that we Undertake, its a wide support between the Foundationa and the Communities we serve, so we engage them direct from Ideation, conceptiolisation, implementatinon and Evaluation:

and Humility

Mutual working together with several parties from diverse cultures and backgrounds, needs proper working relationsa and mutual understanding, this as a core value of SSuubila binds us well with the communities we serve.


For Effectives of the programs that we engage in, several players are involved and each player is a specific task achiver and at the end of the day, we all join efforts together to achive the Desired goals despite our different tasks.

and Integrity

SDF recognizes that all people are born free and equal in dignity. And we are sensitive to the moral values, religion, customs, traditions, and culture of the communities they serve. Hence we respect the integrity of families and support family-based life.